Age Of Gatherers

This project is a AI simulation that offers the user to observe AI path around the procedural environment, collect resources in accordance to their role and work in tandem with the ‘manager AI‘, to decide weather to switch roles or not depending to storage levels.


Solo Project: All you see is what I made in five weeks (Part-time)!

In this project, I made use of:

  • Unity3D

  • Visual Studio

  • Google Suite

  • C#

  • Sourcetree + Gitlab

My Contributions Included:

  • Goal Oriented Action Planning (GOAP) System, for AI behaviors.

  • AI movement using A* and obstacle avoidance.

  • Procedural terrain generation with generation of path data.

  • Working with and altering a camera tool to best suit what I wanted.

  • AI manager, of which decides for the gatherers what they should be gathering (based on what’s best needed for the whole village).