My Past 3 Months

This blog is an overview of how I, as a programmer, performed as of the past 3 months. I will be looking at the projects I’ve worked on and the ways in which I performed working on them.


On Yu, I was designated as the technical director, lead/soul programmer and project lead. From this, I worked hand in hand with the creative director. The creative lead would envision an experience and a mechanic to accompany the user to provide that experience. I would meet regularly with this person and hear their ideas out and tell them if it’s achievable and discuss possible solutions and plans of actions.

I would then go off and implement these features/mechanics and regularly along the way I would send in an update to the creative director of how the mechanic is going and if we need to change how it works if blockers are to large or we’re running out of time to achieve these goals.

I continued this process day after day until the project was published.

As a whole, I’m quite proud of how I performed on this projects and the quality of the project shows this.

Multithreading a raytracer

On this project, I was given a raytracer that was intentionally unoptimal and was given the challenge to optimise it in the wide variety of ways I'm able to. but at the very least do some form of multithreading to speed up the project.

For this project, due to other more pressing projects, I wasn’t able to implement as much as I wanted to and make it nearly as fast as I wanted it to. But I quickly and effectively made it a fourth (on average) faster and given the amount of time I spent on it.

To conclude this project, I quite happy with how I performed this project. I am saddened to not Implement an octtree to dramatically speed up this project. Although, as I said what I did was effective, a great learning experience and opened my eyes to the power of multithreading and how rather simple it can be to boost performance.

Slime Climb

On the project, Slime Climb, I was on as a contractor and was to not do more than 3 hours a week (on average) on the project. On this project, I was responsible for optimisation of the mobile game and also the saving and loading of all the data (cosmetic selections, high score, currency, etc.).

On this project the talented individual that spearheaded this project took most control and made a majority of the project did a great and fantastic job but, made it hard to know what to work on and rarely asked. However what is doing work on improving the project and it was all valued and essential work that improved that project and made them, already good, the product even better and that was really good.

In conclusion, the project was amazing to contribute to and I think I did well as the lead programmer, however, code reviews and general and regular management of the code base was something I underperformed on and need to do more of in the future.

Hologram Shader

On this shader, I made a hologram shader and this shader and be quickly implemented and properties can be altered to change how it looks super easily and this was the very intentional due to the fact that it was made for a project that didn’t need it immediately and was made for designers that don’t know the first thing about shaders.

This shader was quick for me to implement and was a struggle - as is implementing with any new language. But after hours of scouring the internet for (good) resources, I eventually had the shader compiling and displaying what I wanted.

In all, this shader was an extremely good learning experience and introduction to shaders. I learnt a lot and performed well making this.


In conclusion of the past 3 months, I have learnt a lot and have plenty to take away from this period of time and put into use in the projects in the future and further develop my skills as a programmer.

Ethan Tilley