Everlight was based around the theme of home and what that means to us. We sought to incorporate that feeling and meaning of home in this project. Everlight is jam packed full of meaning and symbolism, from the level design, the act of colliding with the hazards, to collection of ‘other orbs’. A lot of thought went into the design of this game.


Everlight was a five week (Part-time) collaboration!

Ethan Tilley: Project Manager - Technical Director - Lead Programmer.

Sey Atkinson: Creative Director - Environmental Designer - Lead Designer.

Brea Pringle: Audio Collaborator

Luke Jarrett: 3D Modeler


In this project, I made use of:

  • Unity3D

  • Cinemachine

  • Visual Studio

  • HacknPlan

  • Fmod

  • Sourcetree + Gitlab

  • Google Suite

  • C#


My Contributions Included:

  • Lead Programming, checking in and providing help/guidance to keep all code to a standard.

  • Technical Direction, working in conjunction with a designer to make sure what they desire is technically feasible.

  • Project management, insuring we were on track to hit milestones successfully.