Riffs On The Reef

Squidmon Cowell’s annual competition is here again! Perform to prove you’re the one that can put the motion in the ocean and the wriggle in the reef! Make some waves with your tunes to earn the grand prize hidden within the Chest of Unforeseen Fortunes! 


A five months (Part-time) collaboration by the team, A Chair Too Few!

Ethan Tilley: Tools Developer - Lead Programmer.

Yasmin Amir Hamzah: Music Composition - Audio Mixer - Sound Designer.

Riley Lollback: Project Manager - Game Designer - Lead Artist - UI Designer.

Benjamin Phillips: Creative Lead - Game Designer - Narrative Designer - Programmer.

Brea Pringle: Music Composition - Audio Mixer - Sound Designer.


In this project I made use of:

  • Visual Studio

  • C#

  • Sourcetree + Gitlab

  • Unity

  • HanknPlan

  • Google Suite


My Contributions Included:

  • Tools Developer, working with the designers to get a strong understanding of what they’re needing, to then move on to develop and deliver the tool in a timely manner to my highest possible standard.

  • Lead Programming, working to a provided feature specification document to create a technical specification document, to then implement gameplay systems.