Slime CLimb

Slime Climb is my first Android and iSO project and it was centered around the goal to effectively monetize and gain retention in a mobile game.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 2.20.37 pm.png

A five week (part time) collaboration by the team, A Chair Too Few!

Ethan Tilley: Technical Director - Lead Programmer.

Ben Phillips: Project lead - Lead Designer.

Riley Lollback: Lead Artist - Designer.

Kell Macartney: Designer

Jay Fauconer: Programmer


In this project, I made use of:

  • Unity2D


  • Sourcetree + Gitlab

  • Google Suite

  • HacknPlan

  • Visual Studio

  • C#


My Contributions Included:

  • Lead Programmer, project was largely developed and prototyped by a designer. I taught them how to implement the systems they desire.

  • Optimizations, using optimization techniques to improve performance for a wide range of mobile hardware.

  • Saving & Loading, working with an existing code base to implement saving an loading of player data (Ie, Cosmetics, Currency, Highscore and Mission progression, etc)