My ‘specialty‘?


“I get that you’re a programmer, but what do you specialize in?”

How daunting of a question, I already made the hard choice to pursue game development and even further then, I choose programming.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, these are hard and scary choices to make - I’m deciding what I’m going to pour my life into and do for a ‘living’, oh god...

But, after giving a variety of areas a try. Although I thoroughly enjoy all, if not most areas of programming, the one that stuck the most is AI. I love writing a few lines of code, sitting back and seeing them move on their own, then writing a few more then all the sudden AI’s making decisions to best achieve a goal, and so on. It just excites the hell out of me.

I for one have always been a singleplayer type of player and throughout my childhood I’ve encountered a variety of AI, but the ones I like the most aren’t the ones that have goals as simple as, ‘defeat the player’, no, I like the type of AI that provides a meaningful experience to the player and adds to the gameplay.

I prefer the AI that makes the player feel rewarded for finally defeating them and garnishes the act of doing so. My kind of AI purposefully misses their shots or grenades to make that player feel like a badass for ‘dodging’ and the player is none the wiser of what’s really happening. This is the type of AI I love making and wanna keep making.

When I was down in GCAP 2018, there was a talk by Andrew Rowse titled, “Clever isn't Fun; Creating believable and satisfying AI adversaries“. This was the the talk I personally was most anticipating being that, in this talk, Andrew's talking exactly about the type of AI I wanna make and the ways in which you can go about creating this type of AI. It was fantastic to see what’s swimming around in my head and about what I wanna make as a developer, discussed in a talk by such a talented individual.